Friday, August 14, 2015

A CALL TO ACTION: Local Community Leader Perri "P.K." McCary Needs Our Help

The work at Our House at the historic Project Row House is facilitated by activist, P.K. McCary. Her work encompasses almost 100 activists/artists and it takes money and resources. She has found herself needing support from the community to raise $500 in the next 24-48 hours (by Monday) to take care of necessities. Your support can be a catalyst to help her continue the good work. Ms. McCary is a human rights activist whose work spans the Globe. You can give at her PayPal Account using email at

About Our House

2501 Holman Street

Our House is a Project Row Houses (PRH) incubation facilitated by Teaching Artist in Residence PK McCary. Our House is a place where artists can enhance their art to sell at the monthly PRH Third Ward Community Market, developing and enhancing their artistic products, while also creating revenue streams for themselves. The workshops that take place in Our House are an experience where artists learn about the importance of their work and how best to sustain it. Every Saturday artists come together to support one another in a network that is growing into a sustainable and viable entity. This is not your regular “store.” Instead, it’s a store that is unique in its creation because it belongs to the artists who work it. So, how do they do that? They do it by combining their best efforts and their best talents and by working together. This is the vision of one (and the many) having the best interests of their community at its core. It is, after all, OUR HOUSE.