Sunday, November 29, 2015

#HERO: An Open Letter From Mayoral Candidate Sylvester Turner

Dear Houston,

If there is one thing everyone agrees on in this mayoral runoff election, it’s that voters have a very clear choice. Today, the Houston Chronicle laid out many of the differences between my approach and my opponent’s approach. But the Chronicle got one thing wrong – our statements on HERO.

In today’s article, the Chronicle said I respect the will of the voters. That’s true – I deeply respect Houston voters – but the statement is incomplete. My position on HERO has been clear and consistent:

I am 100 percent committed to making sure everyone in Houston can live and work here without fear of discrimination. After the defeat of HERO, we need to evaluate what happened and then bring people together to find the best way forward.

Mr. King is the candidate who will not revisit HERO. Mr. King’s name is even featured in this shameful anti-HERO runoff ad.

I offered my position on moving forward after the defeat of HERO publicly the day after election and on the same day, Mr. King stated his opposition to revisiting HERO:

There are many, many differences between my vision for Houston and Mr. King’s – HERO is just one of them. The choice is whether to move our city forward or take it back.

I will move us forward by hiring more law enforcement officers and expanding community policing. Mr. King will not. I will fight to raise the minimum wage. Mr. King will not. I will work to make life better for everyone—with safer streets, stronger schools and decent roads. Mr. King will cut job-training programs and retirement benefits—leaving middle-class families behind.

I hope you will join Sheriff Adrian Garcia, Councilmember Steve Costello, Houston firefighters, teachers, parents, police officers, constables and deputy sheriffs, the Houston Chronicle, the Jewish Herald Voice and organizations like the Houston GLBT Political Caucus, the Human Rights Campaign, Equality Texas, the Harris County Tejano Democrats, the Houston Black American Democrats and more than 2,500 other community organizations, elected leaders, faith leaders and neighbors to move Houston forward, together.


Sylvester Turner