Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance - The complete Series Vol. 1

Over the last (almost) two years Houston was thrown into a battle for the rights of all Houstonians instead of the few who want to have the right to discriminate. This compilation of posts are from my observations and experiences in trying to save HERO. This volume contains the most recent to oldest posts, eleven in total...

Mayor - Elect Turner's Open Letter

Dear Houston,

If there is one thing everyone agrees on in this mayoral runoff election, it’s that voters have a very clear choice. Today, the Houston Chronicle laid out many of the differences between my approach and my opponent’s approach. But the Chronicle got one thing wrong – our statements on HERO.

In today’s article, the Chronicle said I respect the will of the voters. That’s true – I deeply respect Houston voters – but the statement is incomplete. My position on HERO has been clear and consistent...Continue Reading

No, Blacks Aren’t to Blame - A Guest Post by Biko Mandela Gray

A few days ago, the HERO ordinance died a slow and public death.

As a progressive, I am ambivalent about that death. Yes, you heard me right: I am ambivalent about that death. As a progressive.

My ambivalence stems from the reality that many of the proponents of the HERO ordinance completely failed to address the black community in a substantive fashion. With notable exceptions to this, many HERO proponents failed to take seriously the pragmatic nature of ...Continue Reading

The Black Community Is Not To Blame For The Fall Of Prop1

I recently read an article where the National Journal boldly proclaimed to know "How Houston’s Black Voters Stopped the Equal-Rights Ordinance." I reject this notion, given my intimate proximity to the fight to protect Houstonians, here are snippets from past posts that show the White influence on the creation of opposition towards #HERO...

Look at the so called Black leaders coming together to deliver fraudulent petitions (left) last year with their White leader who supports organizations and measures that hurt the Houston Black communities. Why do we follow people like this, instead of following the money who came out of hiding on election day? Just look at the picture below, how many Black people do you see? ...Continue Reading

Open Letter to Carlos Maza, RE: Beyonce


It might have killed you to write this post, but it would behoove you to stay the hell out of Houston politics. Beyonce did not ignore the LGBT Community in Houston because she didn't respond to your Whitewashed entitlement that she was supposed to respond to your ridiculous request. Her not responding to you has nothing to do with a refusal of "the opportunity to speak out against the legalization of discrimination against LGBT people in her hometown. And as hard as it is to say this, her refusal should raise serious questions about her support for her gay, bisexual and transgender fans." Newsflash, she does not have to respond to you because you are dead wrong. The group of people you are speaking of,  when you said,"I thought about my friends in Houston -- activists I had worked with on HERO for months, people who had dedicated their work, their free time, and their emotional energy to ending discrimination in their hometown."...Continue Reading


"There are simply too many documents with irregularities and problems to overlook. The petition is simply invalid." - City Attorney Dave Feldman

On election day (11/3/15), we went in as a collective with high hopes that Houstonians would vote to protect all citizens from discrimination. As an individual, I had spent the days leading to election day reconciling that we would lose because the ones with the resources and the money to help educate and prevent what happened yesterday, didn't do all that could be done. So we lost..

I remember doing different events and trying to educate the Black community about HERO, with no attendance and help from the predominantly Whitewashed efforts that...Continue Reading


...I will reiterate what I stated in my post #ITLQBM - The Erasure of Black Queer Lives in Media that "One of my biggest issues about HERO is the media coverage, where they only show specs of minorities and has been very Whitewash and Cisgender in nature. We don't see very many Trans persons, let alone Trans People of Color in recent and overall news coverage. The lack of Persons of Color being represented in this fight to protect an ordinance that is supposed to protect ALL Houstonians is a fatal flaw. We witnessed Council Member Boykins say that the LGBT community is not involved in issues pertaining to the Black community. That was a statement of erasure, erasure that I have always talked about at length. It is a big problem to be a Black man out here fighting for rights of groups that are representative of one's intersections... Continue Reading


The ordinance gives new special privileges to two special interests, neither of which qualify as true “minorities” requiring special legal protection." We are not special interests, we are MINORITIES, we are not a new group and in fact we are of different races and ethnicities. It is clear that they just want to discriminate against those who choose to live their truth.

"Mayor Parker’s ordinance is built on deception. It is not about protecting the rights of women, racial minorities, the disabled, elderly or military personnel. There are already important laws on the federal, state and local levels that protect such individuals from discrimination for employment, housing and access to public accommodations." While this may be true, who has the type of money it would take to go through all of the required processes in order to challenge discrimination? This ordinance would help with mediation and...Continue Reading

Gaslamp & Why We Should Vote YES on Prop1

Recently Three black men, Brandon Ball (32), Dan Scarbrough (42), and Ken Piggee (43) made their way to Gaslamp (Facebook page & website) and were told that they would be charged a cover because they were out of dress code.  They decided not to pay the cover and went elsewhere and then decided to walk back by Gaslamp and from Brandon Ball’s observation...Continue Reading

Meet The Opposition of Proposition 1 - Ben Hall for Houston Mayor

previously spoke on about Ben Hall in my second post about the anti HERO that Dave Wilson was on before the Texas Supreme Court ruled that ordinance had to be on the ballot this November. Here is a little about what I said on the issue before I delve into the real post..."While I was in Phoenix, AZ it was reported by a couple of organizations HOUequality & Houston Stonewall Young Dems that none other than Ben Hall Signed the petitions that my last post talked about:"

"There's only one candidate in this race who has consistently for the last two years opposed HERO and supported the right of voters to...Continue Reading

Meet The Opposition of Proposition 1 - Campaign For Houston

We have a slew of organizations and campaigns that support the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, well so do they...Their WEBSITE is really simple, with very clear ANTI TRANSGENDER rhetoric:

"The ordinance gives new special privileges to two special interests, neither of which qualify as true “minorities” requiring special legal protection." We are not special interests, we are MINORITIES, we are not a new group and infact we are of different races and ethnicities. It is clear that they just want to discriminate against those ...Continue Reading

Meet The Opposition of Proposition 1 - Rev. Kendall Baker

"It offends me that the homosexuals compare their cause to that of black Americans. Homosexuality is a choice, but I was born black." - Baker

Just like I said to Philip Bryant: "One thing that I will not tolerate is being made to choose between my Blackness and being Gay, as neither are a choice. Some may disagree, but do take note that without Bayard Rustin and so many others, the civil rights movement of the 60s would look nothing like it did. The Black LGBT contributions to our Black community is undeniable!
During the back and forth of me and many others defending Prop 1, he and many others acted as if we were White and this was some sort of gay agenda. NEWS FLASH: I am NOT White and there is no gay agenda!"

I first ran across Rev. Kendall Baker during his infamous testimony against the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance. I was in the room when he said this:

Continue Reading