Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance - The complete Series Vol. 2

Meet The Opposition of Proposition 1 - Houston Area COGIC PAC

I recently had an exchange with the Chairman of the Houston Area COGIC PAC, Phillip Paul Bryant and it went something like this:

This was is a snippet from a thread within an event page on Facebook that Mayoral candidate and hater Ben Hall put together to speak out against HERO/Proposition 1. One thing that I will not tolerate is being made to choose between my Blackness and being Gay, as neither are a choice. Some may disagree, but do take note that without Bayard Rustin and so many others, the civil rights movement of the 60s would look nothing like it did. The Black LGBT contributions to our Black community is undeniable! CONTINUE READING

Meet The Opposition of Proposition 1

The coalition that came together to oppose Mayor Annise Parker’s “Equal Rights Ordinance” is comprised of pastors from every corner of the city and our church members, men and women from every walk of life, businessmen with prominent roles in city affairs, concerned mothers, wives and grandmothers, politically active citizens on both sides of partisan aisle, and the list continues to grow.
Pastors from some of the largest and most respected organizations in greater Houston representing hundreds of churches of every ethnic identity and most denominational backgrounds have led the effort, including:
  • Prayers
    NUR Rally
    Baptist Ministers Association of Houston
  • Houston Area Pastor Council
  • Houston Ministers Against Crime
  • AME Ministers Alliance of Houston/Gulf Coast
  • Northeast Ministers Alliance
  • South Texas Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship
  • South Texas District Council of the Assemblies of God
  • National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference
Our basic premise is “Equal Rights for all, not Unequal Rights for a few.” The fact that the mayor and eleven city council members would place the freedom and safety of all at risk to serve a personal agenda of Annise Parker and her national Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender allies is a tragic reminder of... CONTINUE READING

Ashton Debates Kubosh on Isiah Factor UNCENSORED

Here are some things to note about Kubosh:
1. He refused to look at me
2. He refused to answer my points and questions
3. I spoke from multiple angles a out the 15 classes that #HERO protects
4. Messaging in favor of HERO has been white wash (intentional or unintentional) so far, and I gave it some color, race & ethnicity... will #HoustonUnites and #HouEquality use this gold mine.
5. Kobush got his ass handed to him so badly that I suspect that the segment was cut short.. #SHADE 2 me for being unapologetically Black and checking him on his privilege amongst other issues that could be noted..


I recorded it HERE..
For a better clip:

Today I will be on Fox 26 news at 9:30pm to discuss the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance with Isiah Carey during his "Isiah Factor Uncensored" segment. I will be accompanied in this discussion by HERO opponent and Houston City Council Member Michael Kubosh. You all know where I stand on this ordinance...CONTINUE READING

City Council At Large 5 Candidate Philippe Nassif Endorses HOUSTON UNITES


Here is your update on what is happening with the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance #HERO:

- City Council voted Wednesday 8/5 not to repeal the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, which will put the issue before voters on the November ballot. This was a two step process, 1. to vote on an actual repeal or affirmation and 2. the ballot language.

- On Friday 8/7 Andy Taylor an attorney for a group of Houston pastors that oppose #HERO announced a legal challenge to the wording of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance repeal vote on the November ballot claiming that Mayor Parker and City Council members used used misleading language and double-negative language on the ballot wording.

- Today Wednesday 8/12 local supporters of #HERO held a press conference at the Hilton Americas to announce a coalition called Houston Unites:


Houston Unites Against Discrimination is the coalition working to elevate the diversity of voices supporting HERO. No Houstonian should be discriminated against based on race, age, military status, sexual orientation or gender identity. That's a core value Houstonians share, and that's why HERO's passage a year ago was supported by more than 80 current and former elected officials, community and non-profit organizations, major corporations, and more than 70 local faith leaders.In the most diverse city in America, we believe that everyone should be treated fairly, no matter who they are. That's a core value Houstonians share."

I will reiterate what I stated in my post #ITLQBM - The Erasure of Black Queer Lives in Media:

"One of my biggest issues about HERO is the media coverage, where they only show specs of minorities and has been very Whitewash and Cisgender in nature. We don't see very many Trans persons, let alone Trans People of Color in recent and overall news coverage. The lack of Persons of Color being represented in this fight to protect an ordinance that is supposed to protect ALL Houstonians is a fatal...CONTINUE READING

#ITLQBM -  The Erasure of Black Queer Lives in Media #HERO

"Take all of those factors and apply which ever resonates to you individually now add to it being out and Gay. We still have to deal with those stigmas that our heterosexual counterparts have to deal with and then some. We are attacked by those who look like us for not cosigning what I described earlier as what it means to be a strong Black man, we are told that because of who we are that we do not exist. IN FACT, we do have the same issues and then we are treated as if we are no longer Black and are still niggers in the eyes of society on a systemic and structural level."

Over the past Couple of weeks the fight to save the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance went into overdrive and that meant the mobilization of supporters and opponents alike. With that being said, queue the erasure of people of color by all sides, I mean it is so blatant! I recently recorded a video about it...

One of my biggest issues about HERO is the media coverage, where they only show specs of minorities and has been very Whitewash and Cisgender in nature. We don't see very many Trans persons, let alone Trans People of Color in recent and overall news coverage. The lack of Persons of Color being represented in this fight to protect an ordinance that is supposed to protect ALL Houstonians is a fatal flaw. We witnessed Council Member Boykins say that the LGBT community is not involved in issues pertaining to the Black community. That was a statement of erasure, erasure that I have always talked about at length. It is a big problem to be a Black man out here fighting for rights of groups that are representative of one's intersections, only to be told by both sides that "you do great work," and then be erased in the same breath. CONTINUE READING

#ITLQBM - Blackness & Equality Under Attack

In recent posts, I have discussed at length the Sandra Bland case and on a macro level about how #BlackLivesMatter. On the flip side of the coin, my involvement with the #HERO (Houston equal rights ordinance) has been very active, especially since a rushed ruling just came down from the Texas Supreme Court. These are the intersections that I and many of my counterparts of Color speak of when we are doing the work to demand respect and the decriminalization of Blackness. As of today, I am faced with a choice to testify at Houston City Hall tomorrow during the Council meeting on behalf of HERO or be in Waller county to meet with my cohorts in front of  the county jail to stand in solidarity for our fallen sister Sandra and discuss next steps beyond our planned event on August 9th.

When you think about it HERO intersects with the movement for Black lives in ways that are quite interesting. Here is how: 

*The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance provides protections in employment (both public and private), housing and public accommodations for the following classes as it applies to my intersections:
- sex - race - sexual orientation - color- ethnicity- gender identity*

As a Black man I choose to be part of movements that impact all People of Color for the better and isn't it interesting that regardless of where I stand, I am under attack by the current power structure. In this case the power structure is clergy, government, law enforcement and at its foundation is homophobia, racism, prejudice and bigotry. CONTINUE READING

#HERO Interrupted - Texas Supreme Court Ruling

Yesterday the Texas Supreme Court ruled in favor of the opponents of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance. This comes as Dave Wilson's law suit to change the city charter with his rejected petition that was signed and supported by Mayoral candidate Ben Hall. You can read what I wrote about from that angle HERE and HERE. In its ruling the court ordered the Houston City Council to repeal an LGBT nondiscrimination ordinance it passed in 2014 or put a referendum opponents had sought on this November’s ballot.

 “Once the City Council received the City Secretary’s certification, it had a ministerial duty to act,” the court stated. “If the City Council does not repeal the ordinance by August 24, 2015, then by that date the City Council must order that the ordinance be put to popular vote during the November 2015 election.” CONTINUE READING

Dave Wilson - Your Campaign of HATE Will Not Win: Enter Ben Hall 4 Mayor

While I was in Phoenix, AZ it was reported by a couple of organizations HOUequality & Houston Stonewall Young Dems that none other than Ben Hall Signed the petitions that my last post talked about:

Now at this point I have always made it known that a vote for Ben Hall is a vote against yourself! He released a statement on his website stating that he signed the petition:

Ben Hall you are a BIGOT and you need to come to terms with that and soon, these are not "false accusations" that we are aiming at you. You said, "I proudly signed the petition" which means that you are continuing the disproved and idiotic assertion that the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance allows a "male sexual predator to simply dress up as a woman to gain access to a woman’s restroom." You know that what you are saying is baseless and is a straight up lie used evoke an irrational fear of transgender...CONTINUE READING

Dave Wilson - Your Campaign of HATE Will Not Win

Once again the haters in Houston have nothing better to do but to attack the LGBT community, more specifically the Transgender community. I for one am tired of all of Anti - LGBT rhetoric that you and your elected and clergy friends are trying to use against me and community. At this point in the game YOU LOST, you lost against HERO (so far), and you damn sure lost your fight against LGBT community gaining the right to get married.

For some time you have made attempts to disrupt the live of millions of people, not just LGBT folks. Your last attempt at office was a sham, yes, you won at the expense of a predominantly Black community who lacks the resources to research and properly vet who they are voting for. You are a predator of the worst kind, with full awareness of the cost associated with your attempts to get were you want in order to do nothing with the power you desire. In Wilson's own words, when challenged by KHOU during their story on his PRETENDING TO BE BLACK to get elected to the HCC Board of Trustees: "Every time a politician talks, he's out there deceiving voters.CONTINUE READING

#HERO One Year Anniversary Celebration

"May 28th will mark 1-year since the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance passed at City Council. Since then we've dealt with petitions and juries and trials and done our...CONTINUE READING