Monday, October 17, 2016

HPD Leaks: Use Of Force Policy

In January of this year the Houston Press ran a story about Houston Police Department's "Use Of Force" policy called: "This Is What HPD Doesn't Want You to Know About Its Use of Force Policy." I discovered this story as I vetted a leaked (FULL) version of HPD's "General Orders" that I got from an anonymous source. The leaked version that I will be sharing over a series of posts has not changed much with the exception of the "Use Of Force" policy. See for yourselves:

2008 Redacted

2008 Un - Redacted


2015 Redacted

As I researched for other inquires into HPD's Use Of Force policy I stumbled upon MuckRock: where an information request was filed around the same time that the Houston press did their request. This discovery exposed the fact that HPD gave the Houston Press an old version of the policy from 2008 while sharing the redacted 2015 version expanded from 5 pages to 16 pages below: