Monday, August 10, 2015

Black Lives Matter: A STATE OF EMERGENCY

As activists we take time, risk and flack to stand for what we believe in to stand up against White supremacy, institutional, structural and systemic racism. Yesterday was an act of CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE across the country, but IT IS NOT ENOUGH. We need to keep this going until law enforcement on every level in every jurisdiction is placed under investigation and review to change policies that are clearly for the criminalization of Blackness in every way that one could think of. Here in Texas, we held an event through a consortium of activists from all walks of life to achieve the common goals of justice, safe spaces and etc. While we were in Waller at the jail where Sandra Bland took her last breath, things were ramping up where the Black Lives Matter movement began, Ferguson, MO.

I am declaring a STATE OF EMERGENCY for Black Lives because as we were in Waller having a peaceful demonstration and at the same time the law enforcement agencies were preparing for an all out war with Black, Brown and allies. Here they are staging:

This was us:

Everything went well until we got to the conclusion of our civil action, there was a march that led into the police station, it was PEACEFUL:



Shere Dore uploaded a new video.
19 hrs · Edited ·
Inside Waller County Jail lobby. As we chant "Sandy still speaks" Waller Police didn't take to that too well before they began aggressively pushing protesters.
We didn't do anything to warrant the aggression from cops but utilize free speech loudly.
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Brandon Mack uploaded a new video.
19 hrs ·
Inside the Waller County Jail during today's Day of Remembrance and Response!


This is the case for emergency, we were and are being followed in Houston and everywhere in Texas, we are being surveilled, intelligence is being collected on us. Implore those of you active in the movement to be aware of your surroundings, record interactions, copy license plate numbers. They are taking pictures of us we should do the same, let them know we are watching them too. We need to rally and lawyer up, set up the trainings to know our rights, civil disobedience training and creating a communications system that works and that everyone can use. This leads me to the larger case for the STATE OF EMERGENCY for Black Lives, St louis County has declared a state of emergency of their own and we need to mobilize and support those in Ferguson, the flashpoint location of where this movement first began. I am not sure that this is needed and is a clear act of provocation to the Black community there to say "we dare you to exercise your rights."

This is our time to say to not just the police, but to elected officials, candidates & supposed community leaders to do their parts to speak up in their respective roles. Not just speak, but take real actions that can be successful, like these examples.

1. Each State needs to trigger a review of all state law, statutes and code to seek and remove any language that is racially biased and causes injury to non White communities and that each state be in compliance with federal law and judicial rulings or decisions.

2. Each local municipality needs to trigger a review of all city charters, ordinances and code to seek and remove any language that is racially biased and causes injury to non White communities.

2a. A full review of police policy with stipulation that the policy be 100% public and an independent review board to make policy for the police depts.

We need to have list of demands, a support system, and all of our ducks in a row! DO NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY.

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