Thursday, September 10, 2015

#HERO: Meet The Opposition of Proposition 1 - Houston Area COGIC PAC

I recently had an exchange with the Chairman of the Houston Area COGIC PAC, Phillip Paul Bryant and it went something like this:

This was is a snippet from a thread within an event page on Facebook that Mayoral candidate and hater Ben Hall put together to speak out against HERO/Proposition 1. One thing that I will not tolerate is being made to choose between my Blackness and being Gay, as neither are a choice. Some may disagree, but do take note that without Bayard Rustin and so many others, the civil rights movement of the 60s would look nothing like it did. The Black LGBT contributions to our Black community is undeniable!

During the back and forth of me and many others defending Prop 1, he and many others acted as if we were White and this was some sort of gay agenda. NEWS FLASH: I am NOT White and there is no gay agenda!

Now let me get down to the business of introducing you to this group of bigots out against the rights of all. First of all, the PAC does not have a website, it is a public Facebook page with the following description:

"Houston Area COGIC PAC is a Texas Political Action Committee
(PAC) that advocates for candidates that reflect our Christian values and
principles. It is a non-partisan group. It is paid for by donations to Houston Area COGIC PAC. Donations will allow us to help 

elect people and support programs that reflect our values and principles."

The rest of the info on this group was an email address: and website for the Chairman: Is the PAC a ONE MAN SHOW?

Read this quote from Bryant: "News Alert: If a woman or little girl doesn't like the idea of a Man/male being in the same restroom with them, that doesn't make then a hater or a bigot. Ladies your not going "crazy" this is wrong, and if you know any men that want to vote yes on this "bathroom ordinance," know that he's a prevert, and stay clear of him!!! Next month vote No for Prop 1!!" <<<<<<BIGOT!

Houston Penal Code: Sec. 28-20. Entering restrooms of opposite sex, it shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly and intentionally enter any public restroom designated for the exclusive use of the sex opposite to such person's sex without the permission of the owner, tenant, manager, lessee or other person in charge of the premises, in a manner calculated to cause a disturbance. (Code 1968, § 28-42.6; Ord. No. 72-904, § 2, 6-2-72)

The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance provides protections in employment (both public and private), housing and public accommodations for the following classes:

- sex                          - age                                         - disability
- race                         - familial status                        - sexual orientation
- color                        - marital status                         - genetic information
- ethnicity                  - military status                        - gender identity

- national origin         - religion                                  - pregnancy


The COGIC church has a very anti-LGBT stance and will not change anytime soon, here is some info about them:

  • The Church Of God In Christ is a Christian denomination that is a historically African-American Pentecostal church. Over the past 25 years COGIC has seen its membership base become increasingly multicultural and multinational adhering to the command of Christ to preach the gospel to all nations and all people.
  • COGIC is the largest African-American Pentecostal denomination in the United States and the fourth largest Protestant denomination in North America.
  • COGIC was founded in 1907 by Bishop Charles Harrison Mason.
  • COGIC has over 12,000 churches in the United States with nearly 6.5 million members in 60 nations on five continents including Jamaica, Cuba, Mexico, Belize, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, United Kingdom, South Africa, Liberia, Nigeria, Germany, Pakistan, India, Japan, South Korea, and Australia.
  • The Church is governed by three separate bodies: General Assembly, Executive Branch (General Board) and Judiciary Board. The Church is led by Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr.
  • COGIC world headquarters are in Memphis, TN. The headquarters are housed in historic Mason Temple the location where the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his “Mountaintop” Speech on the eve of his assassination on April 3, 1968.
  • In 2007, the church celebrated a milestone when they convened for the 100th Holy Convocation.  An estimated 70,000 COGIC Saints met in Memphis, TN to observe this centennial celebration.

"The breakdown of this video featuring COGIC Superintendent Earl Carter went on a 15-minute rant against gays making several shocking statements. Click SHOW MORE below to see highlights. Download entire 52-minute sermon available directly from COGIC website at

0:12 - "Since you want to be a girl" he says he wishes God would "give you the monthly of a girl" and "have you bleeding from your butt".

0:58 - Claims that homosexuality itself is God's punishment, as it signifies he has turned you over to a "reprobate mind".

4:30 - Says the reason the church is not growing is because it isn't fighting against anything.

6:00 - Apostate prophets and old punks turning people out

7:10 - Begins sharing experience visiting a church with a gay worship leader.

8:17 - "The Jesus in you" ought to make gays nervous and uncomforable.

9:07 - Falsely claims to be a prophet.

9:38 - Continues sharing experience visiting a gay worship leader; mocks him.

12:51 - Admonishes young preacher to change their style, stop looking like a girl, and to stop endorsing the activities of gays in their churches.



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