Wednesday, February 3, 2016

#HIV - Louis Carr On The Lack Of Access To Care

HIV medications and HIV care are like night and day. The advances in HIV medications are phenomenal. However HIV care is greatly lacking, especially for those who've always had to bare the heaviest of burdens of HIV and AIDS.
It's far past time for the people, places and things who provide HIV care to keep pace with HIV medications. Stop pretending like you don't have the funding to do it. Most of us living with HIV or AIDS know that is nothing but a bunch of bullshit.
Far too many of us are never seen and never heard. Too many of us are suffering, never making it into care, falling out of care and DEAD because care has not kept pace. Too many of us live in fear. Too many of us do not have housing or live in stigma filled housing.
Stop taking your lavish trips, collecting your awards and patting yourselves on the back and start giving us LAVISH care, Stop all the celebrating because there's no time to celebrate when Blacks and women are STILL not getting what we need. Furthermore STOP blaming us for your own ignorance and your care for us. We want to be in care!!! We deserve care. We deserve access to care. We deserve the right to life.

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