Thursday, March 17, 2016

#RealTalk: I Need Your Help

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I don't know where I get the energy from some days to be as active as I am. My efforts to help others are from a place of knowing what its like to go without, to be shut out, and to be ostracized for not going along with the group or with what is popular. There are people out there who might rejoice in my struggle, but what did I actually ever do, but be true to myself and stand with others who are often ignored?

Watching opportunities taken away and given to people for their efforts that amount of a kiss on the ass cheek of some white savior. I do the grunt work, much like many others who I work with to make the truth come to light and injustices get the attention that is needed. It does have its personal toll, when I hear folks talk about get a job when I have applied to 100s of places to no avail. I am the underemployed that folks don't talk about. It has not been easy for me and folks think it is.

Well, its not easy. Not easy being in a state of homelessness, at least my bestie Brandon Mack opened his home to me. Its part of the reason I want to leave Houston, the jobs that are open ain't hiring folks living here, they want these new transplants. Everyday, I get messages and calls from folks who want to talk about how they hate their jobs, their current situations, whatever situations they may be and I listen; hell I even help. I listen without judgment, but people don't ask if I am ok with having no luck finding work and the little opportunities that I could have being block by folks who don't like that I won't kiss their ass, times going without food and basic supplies.

I will never give up, stop fighting even in my discomfort. I remember what it is like to go without a meal, so its easy to deal with now. Activism does not pay (it should never pay if you real about your shit), and let me repeat myself, I have been and still am looking for work. It easy to paint me as a criminal because I am a Black man with nothing to lose. In truth, I have been watching everyone get theirs, hell even in my activism I am "successful," but that is from just doing the work and has nothing to do with my personal life.

Like I said, you can judge me or feel remorse, hell something in between...Know that I will keep fighting for my life and for my community, Sacrifices ain't easy, especially if they are not in your control.

Here is how you can help...

Immediate assistance with food and other needs donations can be sent via PayPal:

If you would like to assist in my college fundraiser via GoFundMe:

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