Friday, April 8, 2016

#RealTalk: Why I May Not Vote In The Presidential Race This November

It should have never come to this point, the point where the dangerous possibility exists that neither candidate on the Democratic side will earn my vote November. I know I will NEVER vote for a Republican, so the only alternative is to not vote at all. In all honesty I have had ill feelings about the fact that a Person of Color did not run in this cycle, that there seems to be a rush to get a White body back into the oval.

Never have I had such a conflict to contend with outside of the fact that I never liked the two party system of politics and how it has held us back. Anyway, many of you know that I have fearlessly supported Hillary Clinton without the need to explain why and I never will. I am entitled to support who I support and I am also entitled to change my mind when compelled to do so. I Felt that she was the lesser of two evils, when in truth I longed for a Latino, Asian or even another Black candidate.

WHY the rush to put a WHITE person back into the Presidency? Why the rush to put an OLDER, WHITE MAN back into the oval?

Was there a concerted effort to have people who may have been well qualified, People of Color perhaps, to hold off and wait for the WOMAN who happens to be WHITE to run? The questions have to asked, because I have always taken issue with folks who feel that they have permission to, I meant White folks, to pick who a leader is from a community they aren't part of. That is essentially what happened with Barack Obama, he has been a great president and I will miss him. At the same time, he has made some truly horrible decisions with domestic policy, especially immigration. They picked him because he was palatable to them, and he was a great option for those of us on the outside looking in. Now we are dealing with a similar scenario, one in which they think our next leader should be the woman. The question persists on whether Clinton is the woman for that job.

Clinton has a history of good and evil, I am not sure anymore that the good outweighs the evil in her case. From her support of the criminalization of Blackness & Black bodies to the other issues that put me and countless others at odds with her in the POC communities, the fact is that she may not be good for us. Hell, for that matter Barack wasn't that great on many of our issues in some respects. My level of distrust for her is not about whether or not she is honest, it is about her past words and actions that have had direct on the very fabric of this democracy, especially what I deal with as a Black man. Then we have Bernie Sanders, who is so far left there is not a lot to hate about him. In my lens, whether anyone agrees or not, he is a typical progressive.

I see him as what we talk about in academic circles and in general, the older white man that runs western civilization. He talks a good game, but he comes off as a person who will tell people what they want to hear in order for them to support him. His speech after winning in Wisconsin was telling as he dissed President Obama, it came off as "thanks for holding my seat son, you tried, but I the White saviour am here to do it the right way." This is typical of White progressives, they think they have it down on issues of race, gender and sexuality and they don't.  He kept saying gay, gay gay in his speech....umm L. G. B. T. - LESBIAN - GAY - BISEXUAL - TRANSGENDER!!! There are more than gay men out there and I for one hope that who ever he has on his team teaches him that.

Neither of these candidates are for me...

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