Monday, February 6, 2017

#CABQ: That Time A Cisgender, Heterosexual Man Became An Ally

The Chronicles Of An Angry Black Queer

It should be noted that I am writing from my perspective, which is that of a Black, masculine presenting gay man who happens to be an Atheist. I will be writing about my thoughts and experiences as an activist, human and life in general. These posts will not be academic or even properly written in some of your opinions.

Entry #6: That Time A Cisgender, Heterosexual Man Became An Ally

When I started the #CABQ series, My first entry posed a question: "Will Cisgender, Heterosexual Black men and women stand with me and for me when I need them?" This question had been burning in my mind for a while. I had a lot to say about the question that I posed and I believe that I ran across an outlier who gets it, but before I go any further,here is a snippet of what I had to say:

"Lately I have been questioning how I feel about the question that lingers in the back of my mind, one that burns my mind with great interest. Will Cisgender, Heterosexual Black men and women stand with me and for me when I need them? For context, I mean will I get the same love and fight out of people if someone comes after me in any way for being gay while Black? To be honest, If I had to answer right at this very moment, the answer would be NO. It hurts when I think about it..."

I ran across a Facebook post that actually answers the question in a way that illustrates that somebody out there gets it. I read the post, which speaks specifically about homosexuality about three or four times and decided to share with you out there in the world that we have people who see us for us...

"My take as a straight black man on homosexuality as it pertains or relates to the fight for the liberation of all oppressed people:

The fact alone that someone is gay causes no one any harm on an individual basis or a group basis. Just because someone is born gay or chooses to be gay does not mean they're going to build bombs to kill innocent people, rape people, molest children, write laws to disenfranchise particular groups of people or create another system of global economic oppression.

One criticism is, gay people can't reproduce. That's a lie. Gay people can reproduce and I'm sure if we were in some post apocalyptic time and were running short on straight people to reproduce, gay people would take one for the team. As a straight man I'm not entertained by or interested in seeing two men being sexually intimate with each other but that doesn't mean they shouldn't have the right to be able to display the same amount of tasteful PDA as straight people.

I do notice how Hollywood seems to be pushing the gay agenda but I honestly don't know if that's really the case , or if it's because if I see something that makes me uncomfortable on television I take notice more often because there's a lot of misogyny I didn't notice in the past until I actually started dealing with the fact that I have misogynistic views. I know the media plays a huge role on the psyche and worldview of all who consume the content but watching He Man, Spongebob or Empire has never made me want to be with a man.

So I'm saying all that to say, oppressed people are oppressed people and rather you think people who are gay are evil, soft, sinners, chemically unbalanced, geniuses, magical, fabulous or whatever your opinion just know it's an opinion. Hell, in my opinion, if I see a guy on a date with a woman and he orders boneless wings instead of traditional wings, he won't protect her in a fight. That's just my opinion.

The fact is, practically speaking, the fact alone that a person is gay does not mean they're bad for humanity or the movement. It just means we all have the same option to fight or not fight for freedom and liberation, we just make and fall in love with different people."

- J Mack -

This is a start, especially for a cis/het Black man, there is much to learn for this ally and so many others as well. But I'll take this show of solidarity...

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