Thursday, March 30, 2017

Anti - LGBT Hate Group Mass Resistance Launches New Chapter In Texas

Robert Oscar López Launches Texas Chapter of Anti - LGBT Hate Group

Today the Southern Poverty Law Center published a story about Mass Resistance, a longtime anti-LGBT hate group based in Massachusetts and its recent addition of Texas. The chapter was started by Robert Oscar López anti-LGBT activist this year, apparently in February around the time that the fight against Senate Bill 6 or  the “Bathroom Privacy Act.” SB6 is an anti - Trans bill that was swiftly passed by the Texas Senate and is now in the Texas House.

About Mass Resistance - Texas:

It seems as though they took the low budget route for their website by using a blog format, which should never be underestimated when it comes to bigots. This is their first blog post:

The main website for Mass Resistance give a bit more information about the Texas Chapter:

As you can see these bigots have a concept, a plan and they are meeting the same day as the HRC Houston Gala which is this saturday (April 1st)...

"On April 1, MassResistance Texas is holding a major pro-family training in Austin, which will include speakers from across the country. Titled, Stand for the Sanctity and Health of the Family: Action and Education Meeting," it will be held at the Oak Meadow Baptist Church in Austin.

If you are anywhere near this part of Texas on April 1, this is the place to be! A panel of experts and activists will arm citizens with tools to fight back on several fronts, including: LGBT school curriculum targeting young children; transgender policies in schools (including transgender bathroom access); and efforts to make Texans believe that the “gay marriage” issue is lost for good.

People will come out of this conference armed with the tools, information, and materials to take on the issues in the Legislature, schools, and the culture."

Reading through their websites, it seems as though the main target of this organization is the Human Rights Campaign. While me and HRC don't always see eye to eye, they are still part of my community and I will defend my community against the likes of them bigots. I have been supporter of HRC's Welcoming Schools program which is more about anti bullying than about normalizing the LGBT community or homosexuality to be specific. Inclusivity does not cause confusion, teaching inclusivity creates non hostile environment where children and teachers alike can operate. It seems like they want bigotry and hate to live on through children...

"Confronting the LGBT “Welcoming Schools”agenda in elementary schools!

MassResistance Texas has exposed the aggressive homosexual and transgender elementary school curriculum that is now being taught in many Texas schools. It is very frightening, and far beyond what most parents have ever imagined. Titled the “Welcoming Schools” curriculum, it was created and is being pushed into elementary schools by the national LGBT organization “Human Rights Campaign.” Some people have called this curriculum “demonic” and we would tend to agree.

A big part of this push involves training teachers how to intimidate conservative teachers into going along with it and how to subvert and confuse parents who find out about it and raise objections.

Corporations vs families: MassResistance is also helping our Texas chapter expose how many of the same corporations that are fighting SB6 are also funding the radical “Welcoming Schools” curriculum -- through their lavish corporate financial support of “Human Rights Campaign.” Corporations are “proud” of funding the LGBT agenda, and even brag about it. Most Texans (and most Americans) are unaware the extent of how anti-family and anti-child these corporations are."

Lopez was also very clear and concise about his opposition to HRC's program during his interview with Sandy Rios' radio show, here is the clip:

According to the SPLC "they will also put together a 12-week program to learn to counter the arguments of supporters of the curriculum." Now about Robert Oscar López..

"The MassResistance Texas chapter was started and is led by one of the most prominent pro-family people in America, Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez. He is an internationally known writer, scholar, and public speaker, and is a Professor of Humanities at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth.

Dr. Lopez has a unique understanding the LGBT lifestyle and its aggressive agenda.  He is an ex-“gay” and was raised by his mother with the help of her lesbian partner. He was previously a tenured professor at California State University Northridge. But as a result of his pro-family writings and his criticism of the LGBT movement, he was forced to resign after a long period of hostile threats and intimidation against him (and his family) by faculty, students, and even the administration."

Make no mistake, this is bigger than going after HRC in Texas, THIS group is still small, but those are the ones we have to watch. They will attempt to roll back all of our hard work towards equality, we must be ready.


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